What to Do After Car Accident Property Damage

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Are you dealing with a property damage claim after a car accident? Car accidents can result in excessive immediate costs and long-term financial damages.

Ricardo Lara, a Commissioner for the California Department of Insurance, offers additional advice to protect drivers before, during, and after an automobile crash occurs. He reminds drivers to call 911 immediately and to avoid altercations with other drivers involved. Click here to explore these tips and additional resources for protecting your legal rights on the road

The following information was developed to help protect your legal rights if you have suffered from property damage as a result of an accident. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of adhering to this legal advice as we reveal how to get the most out of your car insurance claim.

1).  Reach Out to a Property Damage Attorney at James McKiernan Lawyers

Car accident property damage

Choose an experienced property damage attorney to fight for the compensation that you are rightfully due for your vehicle property damage claim.

James McKiernan Lawyers has been serving car accident and property damage victims along California’s central coast for over 40 years. The team at James McKiernan Lawyers utilizes the most advanced tools and resources to help their clients win big.

2). Report the Accident to the Auto Insurance Companies

Car accident property damage

You can avoid numerous issues and increase the likelihood of a positive case outcome by reporting your claim property to both your, and the other driver’s insurance company as soon as possible.

Statute of limitations vary for filing car accident property damage claims, but you are expected to report the incident as soon as reasonably practical.

Do not agree to a recorded statement, admit fault, and/or sign any paperwork until you speak with a qualified legal professional.

Ask your insurance company about rental car availability programs, including the potential for rental reimbursement.

3). Collect Evidence

James McKiernan Car Accident Lawyers

Evidence is critical for a positive car insurance claim case outcome. Document any available evidence, including photos and videos or property damages. Collect contact information from any available eyewitnesses.

Set all evidence aside for safekeeping and continue to collect this information as your claim progresses. Continue to save receipts for any lingering and ongoing damages, including the estimates, bills, rental car receipts, etc.

You should also document all correspondence with the insurance company, including emails, voicemails, texts, etc.

4). Comply with the Insurance Company

Car accident property damage

Comply with all mandatory processes required by the insurance company. Auto insurance companies perform extensive investigations to avoid paying out high-value property damage claims.

The insurance company will send a private adjuster to survey and assess the property damages incurred. This professional’s job is to determine the pre and post-accident value and condition.  They will use this information to determine if your vehicle is worth the amount that it will cost to repair.

Remember that this adjuster is employed by the insurance company and will work to save them as much money as possible. This may include obtaining police reports, reviewing witness statements, and/or searching for any other evidence that could be used to shift blame for the accident.

Allow this individual to do their job before reaching out to an outside assessment service provider. Do not apologize to the adjuster, admit fault, or do anything that may decrease the insurance company’s liability for the damages.

Save the receipts associated with these costs. Your lawyer may be able to seek compensation for these costs.

5). Gather and Send all Documents to your Car Damage Claims Lawyer

Nipomo CA accident laywers

After securing legal representation, send all related evidence to your car damage claims lawyer. This includes all photos, police reports, estimates from the insurance adjusters, etc. Your lawyer can this use information to develop an estimate of the damages and determine how much your case is worth.

6). Let Your Property Damage Attorney Handle Correspondence

California Injury Lawyers

Allow your property damage attorney to handle all of the stress associated with other parties in the case. Keeping your case information confidential is one of the most critical elements of ensuring a positive outcome in your case. Do not reach out to the other driver or share information about your claim, via text, email, or social media platforms.

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