How to Properly Respect Your Neighbor’s Property

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Everyone has had a neighbor in their lives, and everyone has had different relationships with these neighbors. We all come from different social, racial, and economic backgrounds, so having neighbors can introduce some interesting dynamics when it comes to relationships and disputes. You should know about all the different kinds of neighbor disputes you could run into if you’re about to move to a different neighborhood, or someone new has moved in next door.

What Kind of Different Neighborly Disagreements Can Happen? 

A very common dispute that can happen between neighbors is a boundary dispute. Sometimes, neighbors can argue about property boundaries, which can easily escalate to more serious legal issues. Fortunately, there are various things you can do to resolve these issues; you can take a property survey when you purchase your house in order to officially establish property lines, you can file a quiet title lawsuit so a judge can determine the property lines, or both parties can agree to establish boundary lines with a physical object, such as a fence.

Another common argument you might have with a neighbor is involving noise. First, establish what laws and ordinances prohibit excessive noise in your community. Next, have a calm and polite conversation with your neighbor, and address the problem. In more cases than others, your neighbor probably didn’t even know he or she was being that loud or causing a disturbance. You might have to issue a firm warning if they continue, and if it still escalates you should call the cops or file a lawsuit.

Lastly, a neighbor dispute that can also occur is a disagreement with pets. This should be established when the party moves in; you should find out what animals your community permits and prohibits, you should make sure you have a safety fence or other physical boundary that protects your dogs or other pets, and you should know the laws regarding pet hoarding.

In general, you should always respect your neighbors and strive to have a civil and/or friendly relationship with them. If you want more advice on a dispute you’re having with your neighbor, or you want more general real estate advice, contact our San Luis Obispo lawyers today.

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