Thanksgiving Travel Tips – How To Stay Safe on the Road

Thanksgiving travel safety tips
The majority of families travel by car for the Thanksgiving holiday, one of the most dangerous times to be on the roadways. The roads are filled with drivers rushing to and from family gatherings, many of which are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This creates an increased risk of you and your family suffering a serious automobile crash. The team of personal injury lawyers at James McKiernan Injury Lawyers provides the following Thanksgiving travel tips to help you stay safe on the road.

Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips

tips to travel safely during Thanksgiving

Plans to visit family and friends are halted when catastrophic car accidents occur. Every Thanksgiving drunk drivers cause accidents that claim countless lives and leave thousands more injured.
The following informational guide was created to provide your family with Thanksgiving travel tips. Adherence to these preventative tips can help ensure that you and your family experience safe, smooth travels this holiday season.

Be Aware

The night before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest nights of the year at bars and taverns. The majority of people travel with their families by car for Thanksgiving. The roads are especially dangerous because of the exceedingly high number of drunk drivers.
It is wise to plan your travels accordingly by staying off the road the night before Thanksgiving.  If you must travel the day before the holiday, you must be aware of the serious risk of accidents that can occur at the hands of drunk drivers.
You should also always allow extra time in your travel plans for unexpected road work, blocks, and other traffic-related issues.

Vehicle Preparations

Check the weather along your travel route before you depart and inspect your vehicle to be sure that it is in proper working order. Before venturing out this Thanksgiving, be sure to check vehicle fluid levels, tire pressure, and fill up your gas tank.
You should also clean your headlights, taillights, turn signals, and windows to ensure maximum visibility.

Wear a Seatbelt

The majority of fatal car accidents that occur are a result of failing to wear a seatbelt. Be sure that everyone in the car is properly wearing their seatbelts every time you drive.

Avoid Distractions

It is easy to become distracted when driving for extended periods. Drivers should be well-rested and alert. Before you hit the roadways you should also have music, audiobooks, or other background entertainment prearranged.
You should also preset your navigation. Never use your cell phone while driving. Place it in the glovebox or set it to do not disturb mode.

Obey All Traffic Laws

It is important to obey the traffic laws on the road. These have been put in place to protect everyone. Obey the speed limit, restrictions in work zones, and all traffic signs.
If you notice a vehicle on the shoulder you should always move into the other lane. If it is not possible to get over you should slow down and use caution.
There are other things that you should do to ensure a smooth and safe trip for you and your family, including:
• Carry an Extra Phone Charger
• Have an Emergency Kit (Flashers, Jumper Cables, Blankets)
• Pack Snacks and Beverages
• Dress Comfortably
You should also take regular breaks from driving, every two hours at most. Take turns driving if another responsible adult is present.

If an Accident Occurs

what to do after a car accident - thanksgiving travel tips

These measures are wise preventatives but do not eliminate the possibility of an accident with a drunk driver. If an accident does occur several steps must be taken to ensure your legal rights are protected.

1. Seek Medical Attention

Always seek medical attention for everyone in your vehicle after an accident.  Not all injuries are immediately evident after an automobile collision. For example, traumatic brain injuries can take days to become evident.

2. Document the Scene of The Crash

Take picture and video evidence of the damage of both vehicles. Document all injuries and get the contact information from all witnesses.

3. Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

You must reach out to a qualified personal injury attorney if you or your family has been injured in a car crash. Someone is liable for your injuries, and you deserve to be compensated.


Drinking and driving is the main cause of Thanksgiving accidents. These drivers should be held responsible for their negligence on the road. If a drunk driver is the cause of your car accident, you may be owed compensation, including:
• Property Damage
• Medical Bills
• Lost Wages
• Emotional Damages
Injuries after a car accident have the potential to leave individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and other unpleasant feelings.

Compassionate, Experienced Lawyers

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At James Kiernan Lawyers we understand the physical and emotional turmoil that our clients suffer as a result of a collision with a drunk driver. Our team of qualified and experienced personal injury lawyers are not afraid to fight for justice.
Reach out today for a free consultation and speak with someone who can help you get the compensation that you deserve. A legal professional will be happy to discuss your case.

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