Safety Issues You Need to Know About When Ridersharing with Uber or Lyft

Photo of a Rideshare Driver Using their Uber and Lyft Apps

The ridesharing industry continues to grow as word of Lyft going public spreads through news outlets. Rumors also indicate that Uber could soon launch its own IPO, which could make ridesharing an even stronger component to our national economy. This amplifies concerns when it comes to passenger safety and traffic accidents involving Uber and Lyft. So, what issues do members of the Bay Area rideshare community need to focus on?

Can Passengers Trust Uber and Lyft Drivers?

A CNN report from May 2018 claimed that more than 100 rideshare drivers sexually assaulted passengers over the past four years. Our Lyft and Uber attorneys here at James McKiernan Lawyers are now representing one such rideshare assault victim. This disturbing trend raises questions about the safety of these ridesharing services.

Many critics agree that rideshare companies don’t do enough when it comes to vetting the drivers they hire. Though these companies have the resources to launch thorough checks such as fingerprinting, rideshare companies continue to resist these safety measures. Uber and Lyft claim that more rigorous checks would scare away potential drivers. Yet, New York City requires fingerprint background checks on rideshare drivers. So, why can’t similar safety measures be deployed in other cities across the nation?

Do Rideshare Drivers Drive Safely?

Another concern for rideshare passengers is whether their drivers are skilled enough to get them to their destinations safely. A recent Lyft accident sent a woman to the hospital after being pinned between two rideshare vehicles. A professional limo driver who witnessed the crash lamented that most rideshare drivers aren’t trained to the same degree as most professional drivers. These measures often include professional certifications, endorsements, permits and a commercial driver’s license. Could these measures prevent Uber and Lyft accidents?

In a study released by Rice University and the University of Chicago, researchers claim that Uber and Lyft may increase traffic safety issues. Out of the 2,955 examined communities, an increase in traffic accidents was noted in 1,185 areas where ridesharing apps had been released. Could this increase be connected to the lack of safety training administered to Uber and Lyft Drivers?

How Hard Is It to File a Claim Against a Rideshare Company?

If you are in an Uber or Lyft car accident, recovering compensation may be harder than you realize. Due to rideshare companies classifying their drivers as contractors rather than employees, they have managed to avoid some liability for the damages their drivers cause. However, the State of California and other states across the nation haven’t let companies like Uber and Lyft escape all responsibility for damages.

In our state and many others, rideshare companies are required to insure their drivers and passengers for $1 million. Though rideshare companies comply with these regulations, they do not simply pay out their policy limits. Lyft and Uber accident policies also have different levels of coverage depending on the circumstances of the rideshare accident. This further complicates the process of recovering compensation when you have been injured in a Lyft or Uber accident. This is when the services of a Bay Area rideshare attorney can help.

How Does James McKiernan Lawyers Help?

Here at James McKiernan Lawyers, we have the experience accident victims need to recover compensation for their injuries. Over the past 40 years we have handled more than 20,000 personal injury claims. We have represented injury victims in very complex cases, so give us a call at 800-200-HURT. The initial consultation is free, and we will help you determine who is responsible for your Bay Area rideshare accident.

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