Paula Martin

I became discouraged to find a lawyer to represent me for a minor injury due to a slip and fall. With no other choice I did extensive research on the internet and represented myself. I had a strong case because the step I fell from had several factors that were conductive to a slip and fall. Yet I was ruled against. I think from my current contact with JIM McKiernan that my claim would have been easily won had I contacted him from the start. He would have seen that the rights I had as a claimant were complied with.

When I contacted his office recently I received a prompt reply He listened to a summary of my case He expressed interest in seeing what could be done at this point. That he was interesting to talk to was an added bonus and I learned a legal tip I wasn’t aware of before.

400 + 5 Star Reviews!

Kristopher R.

Chances are you’re here because you or someone close to you has been hurt. Your life has been turned upside down. The “it’ll never happen to me” mentality gets thrown out the window- No pun intended. And chances are you know someone who knows some lawyer who did a thing and blah blah blah. [READ MORE]

Jamie Lee

They handled my case involving a car accident. They’re extremely polite and professional. Any questions I had they addressed them immediately, I never had to wait for a reply. Everything about my experience with this firm has been the absolute best. I without a doubt recommend them [READ MORE]

Charlie Criner

5 Stars! Outstanding firm dedicated to “righting wrongs” for people in need! So glad I contacted [READ MORE]

Hilary H

I am so pleased with James Mckiernan and associates! We had the pleasure of Robert Bell, and he was amazing!! He helped us out tremendously, and would highly recommend him again. Thank you so [READ MORE]

Howard Harvey

Mr. John Hayes had assisted my wife in a settlement and help take good care of her accident claim. He helped to ensure that she receive full compensation through recourse of mediation and gave her security that she was being led in a rightful [READ MORE]

Marcos Meraz

Yes they are very good use them a lot also recommended them they are very good and [READ MORE]

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