Firework Accidents – Rates and Injuries

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Fireworks are a major part of many summertime celebrations around the nation. While enjoyable to observe, the safest way to enjoy these explosive demonstrations is to leave firework shows to the professionals. Firework accidents now account for over 15,600 emergency department rooms annually. This is over a 50% increase from previous years. Why are fireworks so dangerous?

We explore the causes of firework accidents and potential hazards associated with these dangerous materials. Continue reading to learn more about how to keep yourself and your family safe during firework celebrations.

Firework Accident Incident Rates and Injuries

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Fireworks are explosive materials with the potential to cause serious injuries. 30% of all injuries affected the hands and fingers, The second most common areas were to the head, including the face and ears at 22%.

Firework Injuries Can Result in:

  • Burns
  • Bruises
  • Lacerations
  • Permanent Scars
  • Blindness
  • Loss of Extremities
  • Death

Fireworks accidents can also lead to fires home and vehicle fires, destroying property and putting lives in danger.

Causes of Firework Accidents

Individuals at the highest risk of being injured by fireworks include children, teens, and intoxicated adults.

There are several factors and circumstances that increase the likelihood of firework accident occurrences.

Human Error

Failure to follow firework precautions, warnings, and instructions is a major cause of many of the serious injuries that occur.

Botched Fireworks

Damaged or poorly manufactured fireworks are highly likely to result in serious accidental injury. This also includes situations in which amateurs make their own fireworks at home without experience or proper materials. Never attempt to manufacture fireworks at home.

Illegal Fireworks

Legal firework manufacturers are limited in the amounts of explosive material that can be inside their products. Illegal fireworks contain unregulated amounts of highly dangerous explosive materials. The explosive power of illegal fireworks has the potential to result in serious, life-threatening injuries and death.

A man in Alameda, California was recently severely injured in a firework accident involving illegal fireworks. Law enforcement reported that the fireworks were mostly likely professional-grade and exploded upon being launched into the air. The injuries sustained were life-threatening.

Unsupervised Children

Children should be supervised near any type of firework. Many people underestimate the dangers of sparklers and bottle rockets.

ABC News recently reported an incident in Brentwood in which law enforcement and medics responded to two children hurt from playing with fireworks. The two 12-year-old children sustained serious injuries to the hands and large portions of the body. Law enforcement found more fireworks inside the children’s homes during their investigation.

Most Dangerous Types of Fireworks

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The reason that fireworks are especially dangerous is their unstable and unpredictable composition.

There are some types that continue to claim responsibility for thousands of accidents annually.

Most Injury-Causing Fireworks:

  • Sparklers
  • Fountains
  • Rockets
  • Firecrackers
  • Professional Grade Fireworks

The most important thing to remember is that all fireworks have the potential to be dangerous without adequate adult supervision and caution.

What to Do if Someone is Hurt by Fireworks

Firework accidents can cause serious burns and life-threatening injuries. It is important to act immediately if you witness a firework accident. The longer that you prolong burn treatment, the more extensive the tissue damage could become.

1.) Call 911 immediately.

2.) Take photos and video evidence of the injuries, surrounding circumstances, and witness contact information. These may prove beneficial if someone else, or an entity, is determined to be liable for the accident.

3.) Seek medical attention. This is crucial regardless of the severity of the injuries.

Contact professional legal advice from a fireworks personal injury lawyer if you believe that another person or organization may be responsible for the accident.

Firework Safety Tips

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The following list of important tips was developed to help keep you and your family safe during celebrations involving fireworks.

Firework Safety Tips Include:

  • Burns to the hands are one of the most injuries that occur. Never ignite fireworks in your hand.
  • Kids and teens do not understand the dangers associated with fireworks. Keep fireworks out of reach of children
  • Always ensure that pets and children are not at risk of coming into contact with fireworks.
  • Never attempt to ignite professional-grade or illegal fireworks.
  • Never use fireworks that have gotten wet or otherwise damaged. This changes the chemical composition of the explosive and creates a highly dangerous situation.
  • Use protective eyewear and ensure that fireworks are not lit near shrubbery, vehicles, or buildings.

Drugs and alcohol hinder the brain’s ability to make rational and safe decisions. Never light fireworks while under the influence.

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