Experience Counts in a Product Liability Case

Product Liability Concept

When a product doesn’t do what it is intended to do and causes an injury because of it, there is a potential for a product liability case.

Most manufacturers are diligent in making sure that the products they make are safe and useful for the consumer, but sometimes there is a defect in the way the item performs When the product fails and causes an injury, they are potentially responsible for the costs of those injuries.

If the manufacturer was aware of the defects and potential hazards of the product they are liable for the injuries caused by the defect and possibly punitive damages as well.

Did you know that many manufacturers are aware the defect exists and are aware that they may be liable for injury? Many times they simply figure in the costs associated with these risks into the price of the product and continue to sell it. If the cost of liability risks is generally small, they will continue to manufacture it and take the risks as a part of doing business.

In some liability a case, the defendant is ordered to pay compensation to the injured party, occasionally, the court has ordered them to pay punitive damages to punish the manufacturer.

Most people will remember the McDonald’s case when their hot coffee burned an elderly woman. She won a substantial amount of damages. What most people didn’t know was that McDonald’s had been warned on many occasions that the temp of the coffee was too hot to sell; in fact, it was hot enough to burn through 3 layers of skin. McDonald’s was told to lower the temperature from 185 to 135 degrees, but they refused.

Many manufacturers take this risk of liability as a cost of doing business and they budget for such claims in advance. They know that their product is unsafe and yet they continue to sell it to an unsuspecting public.

If you have been hurt by a defective product, you may have a legitimate case for product liability damages. You are entitled to compensation for your injuries including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and possibly punitive damages.

Having a zealous and knowledgeable attorney who knows the product liability laws and has the support staff and resources to handle your case is essential to winning your case.  When you are injured, building a solid case is critical. Contact James McKiernan Lawyers at 800-200-HURT for a free consultation.

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